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Process Audit

Evaluate your processes, work environment, workplace culture and see how Cape Wrath can help improve your office or organizational dynamic. Our project experts offer a unique mix of cross-sectoral insight that brings the best of a multitude of organizations to life for your benefit. Let us help you and your team turn a corner and come out the other side feeling more energized and efficient.


Asset Mapping

 No matter the sector or field, the Cape Wrath team knows how to best inventory the resources you want to evaluate for your organization or community. Check in with us to see how we can be of service with our asset mapping framework.

Client Engagement

One of Cape Wrath's primary focuses since our founding has been client engagement. Our team has the expertise to help your organization increase social media visibility and reach, write engaging web content, create visually stunning print and digital content, and communicate in a more effective and professional manner. See how we can help you, starting today.




Research Services

Cape Wrath has experts in a variety of fields ranging from military training, Geo-location, sports and recreation, small business, emerging technologies, marketing and communications, and emergency/disaster response.

Our team has the wherewithal to help you get the most out of your R&D dollars. Get in touch to see how Cape Wrath can give you an edge with our research services.

Leadership Training

Cape Wrath employs only the most qualified leaders from among the skilled workforce across the globe. Our team is well versed in interdisciplinary leadership and know how to apply their knowledge in the right way for any kind of organization.

Strategic Planning

Whether you're having difficulty creating a strategic plan, or just need help sticking to the one your organization has already designed, Cape Wrath can help. We know how important strategy is to running an effective and agile organization. Let our team of experts guide you in making an effective strategic plan that will renew your focus and point you in the right direction.