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Cape Wrath will help you to clearly identify and challenge the real issues that your team faces, and bring in the very best, relevant expertise from the widest variety of professional fields. Our background and ethos are the most solid foundation for assisting you to steer the course that you choose for your business or organization. Whether your requirement is process audit, project management or leader development and mentoring we can help you to identify your needs, then plan and execute the course of action that you decide to implement.


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About Us

Cape Wrath is a Consulting Services organization, focused on improving workflows and organizational processes.

Our past experience in highly focused technical sector management, public sector projects, market research, networking, and leadership training puts us at the forefront of today's organizational development environment.

Our promise:

Cape Wrath ensures our work is always completed to industry standards. We strive to deliver quality services that are consistently finished on time, and under budget.

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Why Cape Wrath?

Cape Wrath Consulting takes its name from the Scottish village that's situated on the most north-westerly point in the United Kingdom.

The 'Wrath' in Cape Wrath is actually a loose translation of the Norse word for 'Turning Point', and not a synonym for anger in this case. The cliffs that tower over the ocean at Cape Wrath and the lighthouse based there since 1828 represented a turning point for ships on their way into port from around the globe for decades.

Cape Wrath Consulting looks to serve as a turning point for your business. Let our team chart a course that will lead you to sustained success in the manner that's right for you.


Where to Find Us

Our team is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick but we have a wide range of talent based elsewhere in Canada, the United Kingdom and around the globe.

Meet our team and let us connect you with the right expertise to get the job done right.